Reasonable Accommodation in the Workplace.

On the 25/07/2018 a General meeting was held in the small Boardroom at Constantiaberg Medi Clinic. The topic Reasonable accommodation was presented by Mr. Fanie du Toit of NCPD. This topic was well presented and enjoyed by those attended. Some biscuits and cool drink was enjoyed by the participants. There was a question and answer session afterwards.

It is clear from discussion that Employers are not educated enough on the rights of the Hearing Impaired community. The white Paper is a important document that guides Employers and other stake holders. Hearing Impaired rights are not always respected especially in the work place. Hearing Impaired people are regularly


discriminated against. Mr du Toit is a specialist on this subject. Fight for what is right. Its your right.



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  • Devona a black girl porn Cronje says:

    Good day.

    I would like to get involve in a support group. I have tinnitus and I’m not coping well with it. Especially at work. I’m working in a department with high noice level. At present my hearing is very bad. With hearing aid it’s worse.

    Any advice to help me coping will be appreciated.

    Kind regards.
    Devona Cronje.

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