Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members



Fred Benning

Fred Benning –  Chairman & Treasurer

Fred, a cochlear implant recipient, is a founding member of Hear2Day. He plays a pivotal role in leading the team, and has also been at the forefront of representing the organisation on matters relating to various government policies impacting on persons living with a hearing impairment. Fred is also on the Executive Committee of The Association for Hearing Loss Accessibility and Development (AHLAD).



Edgar & Ruth Craill

Executive Secretaries

Edgar and Ruth joined Hear2Day in 2014. Together they manage all administrative and governance duties for the organisation. Edgar is profoundly deaf in one ear and has a hearing aid in the other ear. Ruth has been suffering from tinnitus since 1997 and is becoming hearing impaired.


Sarah Kvalsvig


Sarah Kvalsvig – Legal Matters

Sarah is an Attorney and Hear2Day is fortunate to have her on board where she gives input and guidance on all legal matters. She is a bilateral hearing aid user who has also been appointed to a Department of Justice Task Team which is developing a court services model for people with disabilities. In her spare time she enjoys reading about adventures and explorers. Read more about Sarah here.




Guy Middleton – Web Master / Social Media.

Guy Joined Hear2day in 2016. He has a Hearing aid in the left ear and a Cochlear implant in the right ear. He showed keen interest in Hear2day after He had His implant done. He also wanted to share his experience and difficult times with other people . Guy works Full Time and after hours promotes Hear2day on Social Media and keeps the webpage up to date. Guy also attends seminars and meetings arranged by The Association for Hearing Loss Accessibility and Development (AHLAD).  He also has some interesting hobbies and      Guy Middleton.            one being Amateur Radio Operator. He is also a keen Chef and loves the outdoors.




Renee Middleton – Constantiaberg Chapter hot lesbian porn Convener .

 Renee being Guy’s wife also joined Hear2day in 2016 as support for her husband and showed great interest in the organisation and the subjects that are presented. Renee  participates all the activities that Guy participates in. As Renee has more than 20 years Administrative skills. She was asked to stand as Chapter Convener. She also has great interest in the subject of hearing loss. Renee is currently a Home executive and loves cooking and baking and also enjoys the outdoors.


Renee Middleton.



Hear2Day is also fortunate to have a roving panel of Audiologists on the Executive Committee.

  • Jenny Perold
  • Gail Jacklin
  • Beth Cockcroft
  • Elbe Boshoff





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