Mission Statement

Our Mission

We strive to improve the quality of our members’ lives and those of others by encouraging improvement in hearing abilities  and communications skills.

We seek to build and expand our organisation to foster fruitful associations and interactions with like minded bodies.

We desire to become part of a greater family of person living with disabilities, in order to reap any benefits which maybe available from other bodies providing care to the disabled persons.

Aims and objectives

1. To ensure that hearing impairment is acknowledged as a disability and not treated as a silent inability.

2. To educate ourselves, our families, friends, colleagues, hearing health care providers, industry, government, and the general South African public about the hearing impaired.

3. To provide a website and other materials to disseminate information and communicate with members..

4. To provide access to information on many aspects of hearing loss porn cartoon including various technological, and where [possible, medical advances.

5.  Through Hear2day’s website, network and support group activities to attempt at informing members, as far as is possible, on what options are available to them to help themselves or direct them to appropriate Institutions.

6. To become the official voice of the persons with hearing impairment in South Africa, to promote  that their needs and rights, as enshrined the South African Constitution , are given adequate attention.

7. To inform the relevant government agencies of the specific needs of the hearing impaired and suggest ways on how these needs could be met.

8. To become a leading voice in improving communication access for person with hearing impairment.

9. To encourage and participate in research to improve hearing aids, assistive listening devices and other technological needs of consumers with hearing loss.

10. To approach government and known relevant legislative bodies on issues concerning persons with hearing impairment.

11. To form and join other action groups to influence and facilitate desired legislative improvements in statutory provisions and benefits, to ease the current difficulties and disadvantages experienced by persons with hearing impairment.

12. To provide support and help in the setting up of more similar resource groups. To lobby with private medical aid schemes for improved benefits for the hearing impaired.

13. To provide assistance in the setting up of other branches of Hear2day


  • Telani van hot lesbian porn Zyl says:

    I am an executive member of The association for celebrity porn hearing loss Accessibility and Development (AHLAD) . I believe that our organization have very similar aims and objectives than that of Hear 2Day. We especially feel strong about approaching government and known relevant legislative bodies to influence and facilitate legislative improvements in statutory provisions and benefits, to ease the current difficulties and disadvantages experienced by persons with hearing impairment.
    This is an extremely difficult objective, because hearing loss is an invisible disability and generally only people who use sign language, specifics needs are considered important. This has an extremely negative impact on the majority group of post-lingual people with hearing loss who cannot access services appropriate to their specific needs. According to the World Health Organization, adult onset hearing loss is the most prevalent disabling condition and it is increasing rapidly around the world. Approximately 15% of the world’s adult population has some degree of hearing loss and 5.3% of the world population (children and adults) has a disabling hearing loss.
    For some reason hearing loss has been ignored on government agendas, despite being the most prevalent condition globally and one of the major contributors to the global burden of disease. The growing number of people with hearing loss raises the question of how the government will implement strategies on improving access to services (health/education/occupational).
    Hearing loss is a major public issue that we cannot afford to ignore. This issue is emphasized with the epidemic of drug resistant-TB with up to 57% of aminoglycoside-treated patients developing permanent hearing loss. It should be the government’s responsibility to remove the major barriers within the government and other systems that block people from taking action on hearing loss.
    Hearing loss without adequate intervention affects an individual’s ability to obtain, perform in and keep a job, and it causes people to be isolated and stigmatised during the entire course of their lives. The income of individuals with hearing loss is reported to be 40 – 45% less than the hearing population in developed countries and will be even more pronounced in developing countries like South-Africa. Exclusion from employment is also linked to exclusion from education and training opportunities, often due to the same barriers. In addition to the economic impact of hearing loss at an individual level, hearing loss substantially affects economic development in countries.
    According to Stats SA, Census (2011) there is 1540279 (4%) latest celebrity news people living in South-Africa that reported difficulties with their hearing. (This is suspected to be an underestimation due to the stigma related to hearing loss, making many people unwilling to tell others about their hearing loss in fear that people will see them as less capable). The signing population would only be a small percentage of this group, but currently the only people whose needs are represented at government level.
    I feel it is time, for people milf porn with hearing loss to stand up for their rights and fight against the barriers that disable them and threaten their quality of life. But this is not an easy battle to be won, and we need all the voices to speak up. My wish as an individual is that one day; all the organizations that represent people with hearing loss (whether post or pre-lingual) will work around their differences and join together to win this battle.
    Telani van Zyl

  • Hi Telani, Thank you for your very relevant comments to our website, I too am a member of AHLAD in my personal capacity, and participate where ever I can to ‘throw in’ my bit as a CI as to the absolute neglect by Central Govnt. This in regard to the implementation of the requirements of the various protocols signed by Government to implementation of reasonable measures to accessibility to information and communications, in particular to the entire Hearing loss community. As you say, it is a massive battle, made no easier by the shock decision to cease the operation of the D o WC and Persons with Disability? Children and the Disabled have just been blotted out off all Governtmt screens, never to be seen again!! We are told these function will now fall under DSD once again! You can just imagine, if the words Children and Persons with Disabilties is not there, any appropriate action the action will be missing!! This would be a travesty of Justice and an abrogation of the Law !
    What can we collectively to to right a fundamental wrong? Perhaps it would help if for the purpose of the new national governmental arrangements that represent hearing impaired as part of the disabled community, we should form a collective and formally write to government – this could be an open letter publish in the national printed and e-newspapers.

    Kindest regards

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