Upcoming Meetings 2018

Upcoming Meetings 2018. By Guy Middleton 5 September, 2018 No Comments 21.02.2018 – Noise induced Hearing Loss 28.03.2018 – Falls and Balance 30.05.2018 – AHDs 25.07.2018 – Reasonable accommodation in the … Continue Reading →

Before-and-Now Story Time

On Wednesday 8 June Hear2Day is hosting a Before-and-Now Story Time Bill Kilbride and Guy Middleton share their personal experiences and challenges with hearing loss and their ways of coping. Venue: Constantiaberg Mediclinic Boardroom, … Continue Reading →

Keeping An Open Mind

“I erroneously thought that I had adapted well to my hearing loss” remarks Lionel van der Schyff whose hearing deteriorated from mild to complete deafness in his right ear and … Continue Reading →

Do I Need Two Hearing Aids?

Basically, if you have two ears with hearing loss that could benefit from hearing aids, you need two hearing aids. It is important to realize there are no “normal” animals … Continue Reading →