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To find out more about Hear2Day and its meetings please contact our Executive Secretary – Fred Benning – at:

Current Branch Meetings:


  • Constantia (held at the Constantiaberg Mediclinic)
  • Tableview (watch the website for directions to the venue)

Interested in starting a Hear2day Branch in your iphone porn area? Email us.


  • Shabina Bachan says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with Tinnitus. It is quite severe and is affecting my life so severely that I am on the verge of suicide. I live in Durban and I want some kind of help PLEASE !!! I am so desperate for anyone out there who can assist me in coping with this problem or trying to get a good nights sleep. This all started one morning when I woke up (I was 4 months pregnant at the time).

  • Meenu says:

    I am a teacher of Hearing Impaired children. I would love to buy the model of the human ear with the cochlear implant on it. Where did you buy yours. Can you please direct me to the right source?

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