Hearing Loss Organisations is one of the most comprehensive sites covering hearing loss. It includes information regarding hearing loss detection and treatments.  There is also  much advice on how to deal with hearing loss and improve one’s quality of life.
Link: deals mainly with issues affecting users of cochlear implants. It has up to date information focusing specifically on technological advancement of cochlear implants and the benefits user can expect from having one fitted.

House Ear Institute
If you’re into the technological side of hearing loss and hearing aid development, then this is the site for you. HEI gives you all the information you need on how assistive device technology is advancing.  There are also many articles regarding numerous non-cochlear treatment of hearing loss.

Bupa: teen celebrity porn Hearing Loss
Bupa has information dealing mainly with hearing loss. It aims to educate the reader about the causes, symptoms and effects of hearing loss.  It also assist with self-diagnosis and gives a variety of advice on how to deal and cope with hearing loss

Hear-the World is an initiative by hearing assistive device manufacture Phonak. The website has its very own online hearing test and includes access to an online magazine. It also enables users to make direct queries regarding hearing loss to hearing health care experts.

Hearing loss Web
The website caters for people who identify themselves as strictly hard of hearing and not deaf. The websites provides a rich variety of information on issues and medical topics affecting hard of hearing (HOH) individuals. There are also sections dealing with technology and rescources.

Hear more
Another online retailing store for hearing-loss related products, although the site is based in the US, shoppers are able to purchase a multitude of assistive lesbian porn devices and accessories. Visitors are also able too see all the latest developments in the hearing assistive device market.

Founded and run by Hear2day member Patrick Holkins,  a graduate from Boston, USA, who is presently in South Africa working with a rural community of Zithulele, near Coffee Bay in the Eastern Cape, with the aim of establishing a sustainable hearing loss screening and treatment.  with the help of the Audiology staff at Nelson Mandela hospital in Umtata, he black teens porn hopes to ensure that all hearing impaired children in the region receive timely and effective hearing health care.  For the full story, follow the link –

A resources website for the deaf and hard of hearing.. Information on how to deal with hearing loss and assistive devices is available. Listen up attends to both social and family life aspects of hearing loss and is a great source of information for parents of children who suffer from hearing loss.

HearUs. Give the Gift of Hearing
The HearUs foundation has been established with the object of raising funds in order to assist individuals who are unable to cover the cost of a cochlear implant.

There are many children and adults in South Africa who have a severe to profound hearing loss, which can have a devastating effect on the individuals concerned as well as their families. For children born deaf the ability to reach their full potential will be compromised.


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