Mission Statement

Our Mission

We strive to improve the quality of our members’ lives and those of others by encouraging improvement in hearing abilities  and communications skills.

We seek to build and expand our organisation to foster fruitful associations and interactions with like minded bodies.

We desire to become part of a greater family of person living with disabilities, in order to reap any benefits which maybe available from other bodies providing care to the disabled persons.

Aims and objectives

1. To ensure that hearing impairment is acknowledged as a disability and not treated as a silent inability.

2. To educate ourselves, our families, friends, colleagues, hearing health care providers, industry, government, and the general South African public about the hearing impaired.

3. To provide a website and other materials to disseminate information and communicate with members..

4. To provide access to information on many aspects of hearing loss including various technological, and where [possible, medical advances.

5.  Through Hear2day’s website, network and support group activities to attempt at informing members, as far as is possible, on what options are available to them to help themselves or direct them to appropriate Institutions.

6. To become the official voice of the persons with hearing impairment in South Africa, to promote  that their needs and rights, as enshrined the South African Constitution , are given adequate attention.

7. To inform the relevant government agencies of the specific needs of the hearing impaired and suggest ways on how these needs could be met.

8. To become a leading voice in improving communication access for person with hearing impairment.

9. To encourage and participate in research to improve hearing aids, assistive listening devices and other technological needs of consumers with hearing loss.

10. To approach government and known relevant legislative bodies on issues concerning persons with hearing impairment.

11. To form and join other action groups to influence and facilitate desired legislative improvements in statutory provisions and benefits, to ease the current difficulties and disadvantages experienced by persons with hearing impairment.

12. To provide support and help in the setting up of more similar resource groups. To lobby with private medical aid schemes for improved benefits for the hearing impaired.

13. To provide assistance in the setting up of other branches of Hear2day