Hear2day aims to address critical issues with respect to Hearing-loss Advocacy in South Africa.

There is, at present, no coherent or comprehensive legislation pertaining to people with hearing disabilities and their rights in South Africa. It is therefore imperative that organisations such as Hear2day lobby the needs of the Hard of Hearing community.

  • As an organisation, Hear2day strives to promote the following:
  • To promote hearing loss awareness in society
  • To liaise and in engage with relevant Government agencies to further the cause of individuals with hearing impairment. s
  • To promote equality within the workplace and educational institutions
  • To engage with charitable organisations with the intent of securing funds to support the needs of the  hard of hearing community
  • Entrench the constitutional rights of Hearing-Impaired people

Hear2day sets annual goals or ‘projects’ in order to attend to the above objectives. There are currently two projects in formulation.

The first of these is the advent of an annual ‘big walk’. The core aims of the big walk is to promote hearing-loss awareness and to raise funds for a selection of approved charities.

The second ‘project’ is to lobby the need for subtitling on national broadcaster’s television services.

Hear2day hopes to make substantial progress on both these initiatives.

Integrated National Disability Strategy
White Paper – Office of the President


Also know that as a tax payer you can register with SARS as a person with a hearing impairment. Ask your audiologist to complete the ITRDD Form which can be downloaded at here.